Serengeti Safari Savings with Wild Frontiers

We’re offering 40% discount at our Serengeti camps with NO SINGLE supplement and NO HIGH SEASON for all our fellow South African/African passport holders and residents.

In Africa, we have SPACE …and some great reasons to travel with us soon:
1.       Safari in a private Land Cruiser, with ONE guide, and your small group of max 6 guests2.       Staying in a small tented camp3.       You are in the Serengeti – 14 000 square kilometres of vast wilderness.
          Each person has 14 square kilometres to “use”

4.       At this time, due to this pandemic, there are probably 200 other tourists in the park. Add on the TANAPA staff, lodge crew etc. So make this 1000

5.       This is a circle of about 2 km radius. A whole lot better than the 2m
‘social distance’ rules

* Valid for travel from 1 June 2020 for holders of:

·        any African passport (this includes South Africa and all of the other 53 countries on the continent) regardless of where they currently live

·        any African residency permit

Tanzania’s borders are open, with no quarantine on arrival, and we are waiting to welcome you as soon as you are ready and able to travel.

Applicable to SADC Residents Only

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