We are passionate about our environment and the welfare of the wildlife and communities we visit. Therefore we only work with other responsible partners who share our values. All our partners put the interests of wildlife first, and do not offer activities like animal performances or close encounters with captive animals. We have carefully picked safari lodges, sanctuaries and wildlife organisations that are non-invasive to wildlife, and believe this results in more amazing holidays for our visitors. This includes whale watching from boats, canoe tours to see marine creatures, wildlife safaris and genuine animal rescue sanctuaries.

We work with privately owned lodges and camps that support low densities of tourist vehicles, with an emphasis on good nature guiding, operating in large pristine wilderness areas and excellent wildlife. We also work with local communities to protect our wilderness areas, and support rural livelihoods. In addition, we offer and support several inspiring ecotourism projects in South Africa. As unethical tourist activities that harm wild animals and contribute to their extinction are a big problem in Southern and Eastern Africa, we want to contribute to positive change in the tourism industry. Conservation is important to us at African Sensations and we actively encourage every guest to contribute to preserving the wilderness of the African continent.

Community Projects

Despite its breath-taking natural beauty and diverse cultures, South Africa has many acute social challenges. Millions of  citizens live in extreme poverty and face daily struggles to survive. A township tour will cover an extensive discussion on South African history, the legacy of Apartheid, as well as in-depth information on the political, social, economic, cultural and local issues confronting South Africa today. The core focus of the tour is visiting interesting, innovative and inspiring community development projects and the incredible people driving these projects.


”We hope our guests will make a real difference for African conservation. We support sustainable, ethical tourism that benefits wildlife and communities.”

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