Saruni Basecamp Masai Mara

At the doorstep of Masai Mara National Reserve, Basecamp Masai Mara is where our journey once began, and also where President Barack Obama once stayed. This is why now it is much a home as it is a travel destination. Guests staying in our 17 tents become more than visitors, they become part of the Maasai community, who run the camp with passion and care.

Situated along the Talek river in a lush forest, the camp has a serene atmosphere. Birds and monkeys live just outside the tents, all built along the banks of the river on the border with the National Reserve.

The dense riverbed foliage allows for maximum privacy and comfort, without compromising the view of the National Reserve.

The team who manage Basecamp Masai Mara are from the local community and are the proud landowners who benefit from tourism and from conservation. The closeness to the community makes the camp different and special from other Masai Mara properties and represents an example of partnership and friendship between the community and the investors and our visitors.


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