The Royal Madikwe

Set in amongst the rocky dolomite ridge of the Madikwe Game Reserve, The Royal Madikwe is the perfect retreat to rejuvenate your mind, exhale life’s pressures and inhale the magnificent beauty surrounding you.  Endless views dotted with volcanic intrusions known as inselbergs give way to grasslands, rocky outcrops and ancient Leadwood tree’s in the transition region where the Kalahari Thornveldt and the Bushveldt Complex meet.

Travelers choose to stay at The Royal Madikwe because of the unforgettable experience, the seamless luxury, our sincere and passionate team and of course the consistent abundance of wildlife encounters both on safari and right on our doorstep featuring our private waterhole around which the lodge is enveloped.

We invite you to share our journey in the elegance of the wilderness where time stands still and nature calls at your door. Awaken your soul to the spirit of raw Africa and revel in the essence of existence.  With a passionate commitment to responsible tourism practices, we have teamed up with The Bright Future Trust in the shared vision of making a worthwhile difference in luxury eco-tourism.

A visit to The Royal Madikwe is something you can feel proud of knowing that you are directly impacting the preservation of this pristine wilderness and supporting the surrounding communities by simply connecting with nature!

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