Saruni Basecamp Leopard Hill

Saruni Basecamp Leopard Hill is a 7 tent intimate camp, offering a unique location in the heart of Mara Naboisho Conservancy, for you to experience the magic of the Kenyan Savannah. What makes Leopard Hill accommodation truly special is the adjustable motorized roof in the tents, which provides an unhindered view of the African night sky. Dubbed the Star Bed, the tent roof can be opened to present a stunning view of the African night sky for you to marvel before falling asleep. Ideal for families.

Our game drives are usually conducted in the early mornings, late afternoon or at night since these are the coolest times of the day when most animals are more active. During the game drive, our knowledgeable Maasai guides will introduce you to life in the savanna and share their infinite knowledge about African wildlife. Walk across the savannah with the Maasai who have been doing it for generations. Learn the Maasai’s basic survival skills. Track and identify animal footprints and dung as you follow the path taken by elephants, wildebeest and lions. Listen to the secrets of the Savannah and let the gentle winds urge you forward. Experience the wilderness on foot and come close to nature as you walk the vast Masai Mara plains.


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